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The central aspect of our creative process is the combined use of digital and analogue methods.

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For each design a computer algorithm is created defining the logic and the geometrical dependencies between all elements. This approach is time—intensive at first, but allows us to explore numerous variants of complex geometrical formations through fast iterations by means of rapid prototyping. The algorithm generates and constantly re—informs a virtual 3D model, which represents the later physical form with 100 percent accuracy. The close cooperation with specialists in the field of additive fabrication and goldsmithing allows us to push the limits of what is technically possible and to create items that would not be achievable with purely traditional means.

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During production, each object is first built up layer by layer from a special wax using 3D printing. This wax positive serves to produce a negative mold made of fine gypsum, into which the precious metal is poured in the following step. Since both the wax and the plaster are lost each time, this is known as "lost wax printing and casting". Each piece of jewellery is then reworked in meticulous manual work by our goldsmith and thus receives an individual, lively surface.

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Simon & Antonia, partners in real life and the faces behind SIAN DESIGN — a brand for fine algorithmic jewellery based in Munich. Having always been fascinated by intricate mathematical structures and minimal design, we draw from our background in computational design and architectural projects with highly complex geometry to apply this in a different context and scale. What began as an experiment soon became a journey of learning about the traditional craft of jewellery making as well as new additive manufacturing technologies. Drawing inspiration from nature we strive to create timeless and unique pieces that cannot be fabricated in any traditional way. Our collections, primarily made of 18kt gold, are characterized by a homogeneous use of this precious material. It fuses simplicity with complex geometry. Basic forms and smooth surfaces seamlessly merge into double curved surfaces and delicate grid structures. All pieces are designed and manufactured in Germany and sold via our Online Store and selected stockists.

We donate 1,5% of each sale to the Münchner Tafel a local non–profit organization, that provides food for people in need.

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